• Measurement technology locations: Kirchheim/Teck, Selsingen (Hamburg/Bremen), Neuss (Düsseldorf), Mannheim and Saarbrücken – DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • Saarbrücken test and calibration laboratory – DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited
  • Application industries: Automobile and supplier industry, mechanical engineering, medical technology, air and space travel, and much more
Services at our measurement laboratories
  • Subcontracting measurements of all kinds in any product status – regardless whether prototype, first sample or series
  • Tactile measurement technology (ZEISS, MITUTOYO, WENZEL, HEXAGON)
  • Optical measurement technology (GOM ATOS TRIPLE SCAN, KEYENCE)
  • Mobile measurement (FARO multi-articulated arm)
  • Multi-sensor technology
  • Commissioned programming (including offline with ‘drive in’ at your place on location)
  • Training, further training for different software types (Calypso/MCosmos),
    including workshops, e.g. for DIN EN ISO 1101 and ASME Y14.5M – 2009
  • Calibration of coordinate measurement machines
    g. factory calibration and according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 in accordance with SCOPE
  • Repair, service and alignment, including the supply of spare parts
  • Distribution of clamping equipment (own product)
In Detail

VDA 2 samplings, batch-accompanying measurements, EMPBs, PPAPs, MFUs, MSA 1/2/3 and any form of measurement technology-related support from our measurement technicians in our measuring laboratories on location (personnel recruitment) as well as training/workshops.

3D measurement centre South in Kirchheim u. Teck (accredited from mid-2021): Tactile measurement technology from Zeiss (Calypso), Hexagon DEA Global Performance (PC-DMIS), Mitutoyo (MCOSMOS) and optical measurement technology GOM ATOS Triple Scan, Keyence 3D macroscope.

3D measurement centre north in Selsingen: Tactile measurement technology from Zeiss (Calypso, Caligo), Mitutoyo (MCOSMOS), Wenzel (Metrosoft) and optical measurement technology from Keyence 3D macroscope.

3D measurement centre west in Neuss: Tactile measurement technology from Zeiss (Calypso), FaroArm FARO Platinum Laser Line Probe Blu (tactile, optical), GOM evaluation station, 3x computer tomographs from GE.

Measurement laboratory in Saarbrücken (DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 accredited): Tactile measurement technology from Zeiss, Wenzel, Stiefelmayer and optical measurement technology from GOM. Our measurement technology is complete with measures for outlines, surfaces and rounded shapes. Additionally, Kirchheim/Teck and Saarbrücken benefit from the latest multi-sensor technology (optical, tactile scanning, incident light, transmitted light).


Our Measurement laboratory




  • Supplier management
  • Implementation of a continual improvement process (CIP)
  • Complaints management, creation of/training for/support for 8D reports
  • Audit management
  • Reverse engineering
  • Machine capability analysis
  • Certification preparation
  • Planning, design and fitting of measurement rooms
  • FMEA training, FMEA courses
  • “Hands-on measurement technology” – training and seminars


  • Training/Workshops in measurement technology and quality assurance
  • Shape/positional tolerance
  • ASME
  • 8D report training
  • FMEA- Workshops
  • Product liability and security seminars and many more!

Robotics & Automation

  • Commissioning and programming of industry robots FANUC, KUKA, ABB
  • Offline-programming, robot simulations, accessibility studies
  • Creation and standardisation of robot programme structures
  • Optimisation of existing systems
  • Cycle time optimisation
  • Reprogramming of existing systems on customer request
  • Troubleshooting and fault elimination
  • Training for your employees for programme analysis of your robotic systems
  • Robot training (general and system-specific)
In Detail

Robotics & Automation: Commissioning & Programming of Robots, Automation, Simulation, Training, Workshops.

Sorting and Feeding Technology: Individual Solutions for Feeding Systems, Sorting Bowls, Bunker Systems. Renovation and System Solutions.


  • Testing, sorting and reworking
  • Vehicle recall and campaign management
  • Engine and transmission campaign management worldwide
  • High-pressure cleaning
  • Client and site support
  • Emergency management
  • Resident & troubleshooting
  • Take-over of outsourcing projects and general relocation
  • Assistance in sampling/3D measurement technology on-site
  • Material testing
  • Task force deployment (national/international)
  • Visual ESD inspections
  • Surface evaluation of bodywork parts
  • Pilot series management
  • Worldwide emergency management
In Detail



  • Industrial high-pressure cleaning (200 bars)
  • Sandblasting
  • Assembly work
  • Incoming goods/Outgoing goods controls
  • Outsourcing
  • Storage
  • Cleaning of components Automatic drying and ultrasound cleaning
  • Testing, sorting and reworking


  • Tempered measurement labs
  • Tactile measurement technology
  • Optical measurement technology
  • Assembly work
  • Incoming goods/Outgoing goods controls
  • Outsourcing
  • Testing, sorting and reworking


  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Assembly work
  • Incoming goods/Outgoing goods controls
  • ESD testing area
  • Outsourcing
  • Storage
  • Microscopy
  • Testing, sorting and reworking


  • Assembly
  • Incoming goods inspection
  • Outgoing goods inspection
  • ESD check
  • Testing, sorting and reworking
  • Washing
  • Gear & motor work
  • Interim management
  • Project management
  • Audits
  • Personal leasing


  • Cost optimisation
  • Outsourcing and warehouse management
  • Dispatch and commissioning
  • Loading and Unloading:
  • Internal factory transport and special couriers
  • Kanban system optimisation process
  • Industrial container cleaning service
  • Material transport
  • External storage space



  • 3x 3D Computer tomography of GE
  • 2D radiography (X-ray)
  • Porosity analysis
  • Material error checks
  • Magnetic particle inspection
  • Ultrasound inspection
  • Eddy current inspection
  • Dye penetration testing
  • Salt spray test and many others.


  • Tension/notch impact test
  • Hardness testing
  • Break testing
  • Corrosion inspections
  • Metallography and much more.

…We can provide you with the A to Z
of material testing!
Ask any time!

Master Vehicle Workshop

Our master auto workshop at 41 Gmündnerstrasse, 73614 Schorndorf isn’t just an independent workshop for our own vehicle fleet but for a whole range of private and corporate customers in the following sectors:

  • Customer service and inspection according to manufacturer specification
  • Repairs of all makes
  • Air conditioning service
  • Tyre and wheel management
  • Training facilities for motor mechatronics engineers

Our workshop team looks forward to getting a call from you on 07181/48 23 666 for a personal consultation.


  • Karosserieoberflächenbearbeitung und Qualitätsbeurteilung
  • Bearbeitung von Karosserierohbauteilen
  • Begutachtung und Kalkulation von Schäden an Maschinengehäusen / Produkte
  • Sichtung von PKW- und LKW-Schäden am Band
  • Beseitigung von Dellen aus Hagel- und Parkschäden
  • Entfernung / Reparatur von Produktionsdellen
  • Lackvorzug
  • De- und Montage von beschädigten Teile
  • Folierung von Fahrzeugen aller Art



When it comes to other hardening processes, such as nitriding, colsterising, vacuum hardening or hard coating, as well as galvanic finishing techniques such as anodising, surface grinding and CNC eroding, we work closely with proven partners.

  • Project management
  • Engineering
  • CNC milling technology
  • CNC turning technology
  • Industrial metrology
  • Assembly of components
  • Quality management
  • Automation
  • Logistics


Precision plays a decisive role in the production of parts and the dimensionally accurate milling of individual parts or small series. To ensure maximum quality, we rely on a precise and reliable production process. These are based on state-of-the-art technology and careful testing procedures. This is how we at Teilefertigung Pforzheim ensure the best possible results and maximum quality through precise work.


Flexibility is a core factor when it comes to working with different customers. We understand our craft perfectly, but you know best what you need. That’s why we don’t have generic offers and solutions. Through flexible and individual solutions, we are committed to your needs and wishes, those that really benefit you.


Innovation is not only an important topic in the field of technology and engineering. We also rely on innovative ideas and solutions in our team. Thanks to the combination of innovative machines and innovative minds, we always have the best solutions for every problem.

Our mission is to provide innovative work for innovative customers with individual requirements.